Latest Technology

Dr. Teodoro is always looking ahead, researching and introducing new ways to provide a higher level of care. As technology evolves and breakthroughs are made in dentistry, Dr. Teodoro is committed to offering the most advanced treatments to his patients.

PerioSurgery Technology

Preiosurgery Technology represents the latest advanced technology for implant and periodontal surgical procedures. Precise, controlled three-dimensional ultrasound vibrations are used to provide maximum surgical precision and no damage to soft tissue, which results in increased patient comfort.


The Periolase (LANAP procedure) is the most innovative, effective way to treat periodontitis. There is no cutting or suturing and virtually no recovering time. Laser periodontal surgery results are better than the conventional surgery.

Computer Guided Surgery

The Data from a CT scan is uploaded into a dental software to accurately plan the dental implant placement. After the implants are virtually placed, the data is send to a laboratory for fabrication of the patient specific anatomic surgical guide. This surgical guide provides a 3-dimensional placement of the implant (location & angulation). This allows for minimally invasive surgery.